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Do ya'll have any suggestions for good dist-

tractions. Maybe a suggested movie to watch

that you really activity..something.

I mean 2020 has really kicked my a** has been

difficult and I DO NOT want to revert back to a

depression i once had..

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Hello pleased to meet you.

Please may I suggest first if you not receiving help support with your mental health then need to .

Understand difficulties but all mental health charities offer relaxation techniques therapies and coping methods.

Also advise support with medications, anything health wellbeing and other support worth doing.

Knowledge education the key being doing a lot to help my self plus one other diet nutrition if you doing the following then need to avoid change.

Be aware no caffeine, Tea, Coffee, Cola, Chocolate, Energy drinks.

More consume more agitated and worse symptoms either depression or mental health.

Avoid alcohol same as well and smoking plus fatty sugary foods and those of deemed unhealthy if suffering depression.

Include more fruit vegetables, lean meat. Eggs, nuts yoghurt.

Antibacterial antitoxidents foods pulses beans whole grains whole wheat, bread rice pasta.

Exercise gentle helps.

I use a lot of these. Have right now meditation CD's on sounds of nature and sounds of calm Eastern Oriental and Urban.

Whales singing lots available.

Classical music chill out CD lots avaialble not snobby just calm relaxing music many whom you know from films TV.

Have the following artists music selections Classical chillouts, Orchestral instrumental.

Other ways are crosswords puzzle books and so on find helps the mind mentally.

Add in your favourite music a chilled relaxed time.

Avoided movies or as call them films as some can set off emotions triggers deep down that you may not be aware of.

I have those memories stuck in my head end up sleepless nights or video flashbacks constantly.

Simple plots and situations can be anything.

Like old films do not do this.

I am aware of my issues long term and please if you need to seek answers happy to be supportive.

There is help out there if you having problems where ever you live.

Must add this quote if we put a stone in our path do we stop still or go around and over.

I learnt that from mental health teams need to do this if I do not come a time as in the UK.

With budgets stretched staff and resources dwindling be no one available in some areas.

Already had this done to me last few years felt am Ok let me go as others worse than me.

Please take care

I have bipolar disorder, so I have a "backpack" of things i pull out in "emergencies". When I'm depressed I do certain things; when I'm manic I do very different things; but there's a third category I call spiritual: when I'm neither high nor clinically low, but just feel bad in a way that could lead to one of the extremes. I've found when I need a spiritual remedy that long walks in nature help, and especially, stand-up comedy specials. That's just me maybe, I love comedy. I've also enjoyed audio books by comics, like H. Jon Benjamin's "Failure is an Option." Hilarious. And it gets me out of my head and keeps me from taking things so seriously. Fills the well.

Buhbs in reply to c-mac

A good laugh is always helpful. I will definitely look into it.

I might've run across that book title before.

Thanks very mooch!

If you like cats and want a good laugh watch Simon's Cat on YouTube.

Buhbs in reply to hypercat54

Omg okay. Walter Santi's cat is wild, if you havent seen him.

The cats are older now but growing up..they are nuts lol.

One has too much energy and the other is just ME

Sounds good. Simon's Cat is a cartoon one but is very funny. There are lots of YouTube videos on him.

Buhbs in reply to hypercat54

I watched it, it was actually great.

I knew of the channel and never actually got around to it ever..

cause i recognized that red cover photo

like where has it been all my life lol.

Sorry do not understand if that is making fun of my post thought you wanted some help.

Advice and support just thought seems a pleasant member reaching out how wrong was I .

If you want help then learn to listen be educated and then these issues will not happen.

Not good to do this as I spend a long time helping others on other communities never bite the hand that feeds you look what has happened.

No more information support you are on your own doing this a long time mentally ill myself.

Do not make fun of someone who trying to help you jokes not funny at all.

Well so much good TV in the last few years, so a few recommendations if you haven't seen them yet...

Battlestar Galactica (remake) if you're OK with sci-fi.

The Wire


Breaking Bad

Buhbs in reply to _Alex_

Thank Your for the recommendations.

I find working with my hands helps me to distract from my anxiety. I craft and paint and make things. I focus on what I'm making and that keeps all the other stuff in my head quiet.

I have started meditation. I found self guided meditation on a music app, and after going through and finding one with a soothing voice that calmed me I use one for bed time and one during the day when I feel a panic attack coming. Just sitting in a quiet place and breathing with your mind focusing on the air filling up your lungs helps me soothe my anxiety.

If you love music, I play 4 of my favorite dance songs, songs that make you want to move. I play them and I dance, even though I have no rhythm and probably look awkward, just the moving of your whole body for 5 minutes straight helps to release anxiety. And sometimes while dancing I cry because I'm releasing that emotion. I always feel so much better afterwards.

You asked about movies - that's a hard one. When I was depressed after my divorce I had to avoid a lot of love stories, anything with people falling in love just broke my heart. So I watched a lot of cartoons and comedies to keep me laughing. Laughter is the best medicine.

I have been rewatching shows during covid... shows like Glee, Ugly Betty, Smallville, Arrow, Flash, Designing Women, Darma and Greg, Gilmore Girls, New Girl, Buffy.

Gardening is also something that helps me. I live in a apartment so I got a bunch of pots from the dollar store and planted some inexpensive plants and ivy's to look at when I sit on my patio. Seeing them grow makes me happy.

Hope some of that helps🙂

Buhbs in reply to Houston210

Definitely helpful, You are totally right on the dancing.

Music is a big part of me and b/c I want to be a professional

dancer utilizing various styles I MUST create a playlist of

the songs that genuinely gets me to move,, and please know you are

doing great. I think people get too scared of dancing awkwardly

when it's literally any movement and just movement, that's what

dance is.. you can put any emotion into it and (chef's kiss) masterpiece!

So I hope you never feel embarrassed if you ever choose to do so in

public or anything for the heck of it might I add.

I noticed yesterday that a plant that died after all the rains this summer

is springing up again.. It's a Cerosiaand it's fiery red..I am taking it as a

sign that good things are coming as my life is quite symbolic and well..

let's just say supernatural in many ways( not on some scary stuff i pro-

mise lol or i wouldve had a heart attack by now scared for life 👀👄👀)

Pls let me know if u have any suggested plants for inside as well. I actually

do want to get into that in a deeper way some time. I think I want to do

something fairylike fantasy like situation to my room.. fairy lights and


Houston210 in reply to Buhbs

Succulents , cactus, and ivy's are easy to take care of indoors. Ivy's with fairy lights give that earthy feel. also for indoors I got fake ivy's to hang on my walls and on shelves that help make the place feel comforting

You need to distract your mood and the best way sometimes , hobbies do help, if you had an interest when you were younger, possibly try that. Gardening can help, or going out for walks or a drive. If you have a bike go for a run. Sport activities can also help you change a negative mood. Sometimes I feel the television can be counterproductive, yes watch pictures or programs of various subjects you enjoy although the problem is we get stuck watching the box and the day just passes us by. It is important you are able to move onto positive activities so you can get out and about, It is summer and if the day is sunny your body will benefit from the sun and increase your Vit D in your body.

There is so much you can do, it all depends on what interests you.


Buhbs in reply to borderriever

First of all thankyou

2nd I love ur name

but seriously.. I had lost inspiration in dance( a career goal of mine) but I think I have a

plan for that. I have gotten some sun which I can stay outside for hours( whole days tbh)

i've done that a few times staring into the lovely sky and watching the butterflies the

trees and all else. I've been trying to sew some things too. I dont have all the right tools anymore rn but I guess I will continue to work on it. I pray to paint and box some months soon..or at least by next year.🤞🤞🤞

Thank you for the replies. I believe i ran itno your before so I appreciate it a bunch

borderriever in reply to Buhbs

Art is a wonderful diversion and it can include so many different tasks to enjoy.

I will be starting picking Apples and Pears soon and doing some summer pruning to expose the fruit. So that will keep me busy until the end of Autumn. You have some ideas that you can follow, let me know what you decide


Art is a good distraction

Buhbs in reply to thara9643

Thanks for the recommendation :)

Please can I suggest when some one comes on answers your post.

Are giving you some advice, information and guidance about your health issues.

Mental health came on asking please need some reassurrance and self esteem problems coping.

Gave you a sensible practical list of common sense and add it with a joke something I do not understand.

Also may I add avoidance of an issue which you are clearly suffering from will not get any favours.

With those who may offer support in the future.

I use humour if you wish to know but as a ice breaker as a way of making people confident.

My point being if you concentrate on your mental health and start to listen to people then get the rainbow the grass greener on the other side the doors be open and responsive.

If you did avoid any issues in any services have to admit have been there you be told not helping your self.

Unfortunately having read your wall and webpages need simply to understand there is help and support out there but have to take others who comment seriously because if you do not you find being stuck in a hole.

Others may get every thing you deserve and have seen this two friends one such as you deny acceptance doing nothing the other friend getting everything.

Acceptance listening learning not pleasant to see two ladies fighting in a car park as one gets the treatment the other one does not.

Including supported housing chances opportunities to heal and recovery.

If you wish for that time to stop being silly sending videos which will not watch and start to grow up.

I am a lot older wise full of knowledge lots of experience and expertise as it is part of the education I have to heal my self.

Nothing about meeting you face to face if I did would tell you honesty and open have done to many .

Works wonders as they are hurting need some one to help but there again if you deny or ignore the whole reasons of the health issues never really understand everything about yourself will you.

Thank you for reading

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