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Has anyone taken pregabalin for nerve pain? Interested in your experiences x thanks in advance x

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I take this med twice a day. The main side effect that I get from it is dry mouth. This med helps me some. I take it for MS nerve pain.

Thank you x x

You're welcome 😁

Can I as you have long you have suffered with ms and what were your first symptoms? X if you don’t mind x

Certainly, I don't mind sharing my testimony. It might educate other. My original symptoms were basics, but we had no idea what my body was trying to tell me. In my early 20's I started having an overactive bladder, often migraines, swelling in my stomach, tons of daily gas, forgetfulness and IBS-C. There probably are a few other symptoms that don't come to mind right now. After plenty of doctors visits, we were still not on the right path. Up until the inevitable happened, a huge obvious flare-up. I we numb from right below my breast to the tippy is my toes. The MRI's on my brain and spine showed evidence of other smaller flare-ups throughout the years. Thanks for asking. Have a wonderful Friday!🌻😀♥️

You are amazing and such a positive person 💗thank you for sharing x x

My pleasure Sis!

Thank you.

What do you need to take pregabalin for? If you don't mind me asking.🌹✨

I suffer with cervical spondylitis and have been in pain so dr prescribed this x x I suffer with health anxiety so dr has given me sertraline and suffering with the start up effects from these. Started taking pregabalin but with those side effects too it was too much x x

It is true, we learn something new everyday. This is my first time hearing of this condition.

Which side effects did you experience while on the mentioned medication?

Did your MD prescribe something else to ease your pain?

It’s basically arthritis of the upper spine and neck x no I’m paying private seeing an osteopath x x x

You will reside in my prayers!!

Thank you so much lovely lady 💗 keep well 🌈

Definitely my pleasure dear!🌻🌞

rngrav in reply to RayannAbbey

Pregabalin or Lyrica is a drug from hell. After less than a week on it I could not tolerate the side effects so stopped. I have never suffered quite as much as in that withdrawal. Don't take it.

RayannAbbey in reply to rngrav

Thank you so much x took it for a day then felt so dizzy and disoriented so I stopped x thank you for your response.

You will feel like that until it gets into your system, usually a couple of days. 3-4 with me but i stuck with it.

Hi, I've been taking Pregabalin for over 12 months now My experience has been very positive. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and could hardly walk on a hard surface. I was given Pregabalin and it was such a relief and a fantastic side effect was that my anxiety decreased and I felt more relaxed than I have done in years. I still can't walk far but when I do it's not painful. x

Glad it’s working for you x x thank you for replying x x

👋 yes I'm on pregablin for pain. But what I didn't know is that they are an opiate, if I had known that I would not have started taking them. As I'm on a lot of medication, including mst 100mg twice a day. The pregablin 2000mg twice a day. They are highly addictive worse than the mst, if I miss a dose, I start sweating, feeling sick I start twitching. My daughter and sister are on pregablin, and the same thing happens to them if they miss a dose. Ask your doctor for something that hasn't got opiate in. I hope this helps. X

Thank you so much x will stay away from this drug 💗

Maximum dose is 300mg twice a day, you would be in a serious drugged state or dead with 2000mg!!

Sorry, its true x

Ask your doctor hun, for something else. If I had known about pregablin I would never have started taking them. Its OK that people tell you they are really good. But you also need to know the side effects. I was also told that the doctors were stopping prescribing them. Ask it you can have the injection, it's got steroids, cortisone and something else. I've just started having that, and that's the best pain relief, that lasts for 6 months. Xx

I take it 4 times a day and dry mouth is my only symptom

Hi rayannabbey, yes I'm taking pregabalin for nerve pain and I wouldn't be with out it.

Thank you all 💗

Please don't. This med is so addictive - a&e wouldn't prescribe it. There are Facebook groups with people saying this med has destroyed their life. The withdrawal is hell for some people.

Thank you x

I take Pregabalin twice a day. I have a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome on my right hand and arm. Again I have a dry mouth with this.

RayannAbbey in reply to goldie64

Thank you x

There are various other medications that are given for nerve pain the medications are used in small doses so the effect is secondary to the main use of the drug for depression I take Amytryptalene and have taken it for many years, they work. As mentioned above D3 and vit B can also help. Talk to your GP


Thank you x

Hi there, yes i am on pregabalin, max dose each day...i thought it had stopped working as pain is worse, but hospital said ,NO it wont stop working, just means your pain is worse! GREAT!!

Im tired of being in pain all the time.