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Deep poem.


Maybe beast but never beauty.

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You are beautiful. You are kind and caring.

Your poems are so well written I can feel your pain.

Please don't give up on yourself.

It’s not one of mine Dolphin14. I’m not that good at writing them. Yet I know just how much you like reading the ones I do and haven’t forgotten about the ones I promised to send over.

As hard as things are right now I won’t give up on myself.

Your writing is so powerful I definitely would have thought it was yours.

Take care my friend. You know where to find me ❤️

I will always remember you saying that about my poems.

Will send you a message tomorrow as eyes are at the point of needing matchsticks to keep them open. It’s almost 1:30 in the UK writing this. You take care also and as always...thank you.

What is beauty anyways? the eye of the beholder!

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It’s not me LB. For I have always been ugly. Inside and out. Beauty is seen and unseen but I know deep down it’s not something I have, ever had and always scared I won’t have. Even the tiniest amount.

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Hmmmm i think Marilyn Manson is beautiful. So outter beauty really is subjective. However. I can relate on inner beauty. I make ugly decisions. Ugly, selfish, destructive decisions. But .....those are decisions. You cannot be ugly on the inside without the corresponding "verb".

Ugly is an action if you are speaking inwardly