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Over people


I often find myself irritated when I think about the people who are currently in my life , and those who are no longer , sure it is crucial to experience bad company and learn from them and then later appreciate the good , but i am sick of having my time wasted .

For once it would be nice to feel as though there is some form of consistency with people other than my family, i get tired of regaining trust , trust in people I barely have to begin with. I hate being vulnerable, for the same people to somehow disappear or to show themselves only at their own convenience, I’d rather be alone and distant

It’s annoying to form bonds with people simply for them to slowly fade away in your life , im sick of wasting my time

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You are not alone, life and friendships are hard and looking for friends who stick by us through thick and thin are very rare, personally I find friends generally are only interested in themselves, sad to say. My family is just as bad so I prefer my own thoughts, Wife and Dog, Pax.

The only problem I find is if one of us dies, including Pax We will really feel it bad if Pax goes, He will make a place for us with our old dog Pip on the other side.

If we loose Pax we will hopefully start travelling again if the virus burns out


I’m usually the loyal friend , i hate people I’m really tired of wearing my heart on my sleeve but idk how not to people hurt my feelings all the time and I’d love to give people a taste of their own garbage but I’m not built that way , i never feel right afterwards once i get rude

Personally I reserve my judgement and prefer to just walk away. Sometimes saying nothing is the best option, Silence is sometimes the most effective way to move on


I hear ya..ditto ,n i have gone through exactly the same.....What i do is..bluntly tell potential friends..i need ya in 100 percent equally if we r gonna have a friendship.I need a two way street.

Yeah that may sound brutal but im tired of being there for others whenever they need me n when i need them..they r non existent or have no clue im struggling.Im not being mean..im being honest n just only want true everlasting friends.Guess it depends what ya want in ur life.

Ya i admire people like you that can be straight up and communicate your wants and needs well, i am way too soft spoken a lot of the time , it’s something I’ve struggled with all my life

I was definitely not always like this.I was shy n the mouse in the corner.I guess u get fed up enough u have to set boundaries.It would make me super sad if someone said screw u..not doin that but..then i guess its not meant to be ultimately n not true friend material.

Plus a couple of true friends is better than a bunch of friends u cant trust n count on.

There is no such thing as a true friend, not in my life anyhow apart from my husband he is my friend as well as my husband, others just use you get to know your business then drop you, they tell everyone else your business and they add on to it, before you know where you are your name is ruined. People, so called friends are so shallow it's enough to make you fight back but then you get into trouble, just can't win.

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