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Hi! I´m new here

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Sorry for my horrible english, I studied this language for two years but I think I didn't learn very well. I want to be somewhat active on this platform, if you want to talk to someone, I am here. Rest assured that I will be there for you even if my advice is shit or you don't understand my Spanglish

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Welcome glad to meet you, all you need to do is just enter and chat.

I learned Spanish many years ago. About forty years ago, We stopped visiting Spain soon after so now my Spanish is very poor. You seen to be very good with your English.


Thanks Bob, nice to meet you too. I hope to improve this skill because I would like to travel to USA


I am in the UK, although you will meet people from the States here as well.



Thank you!

Welcome. Your English is fine.

Take care xx

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Thanks, reading this makes me happy

Hi welcome to the site and may I say your English is very good I know how hard it is to learn as I helped teach my husband English and he did say that it's slang and different regions ( accents) that he found hardest to understand but when he spoke people thought he had been in the UK for 10yrs not a few days/weeks/months when he first came over the trick I found that helped him was once he got use to my way of English ( I'm English Welsh ) I asked him to talk and listen to my family and friends but I would be there with him if he had trouble so I heard the chat and as soon as he looked at me or said he was having trouble I would say hold on and ask him what part did he not get and help him when he done calls to companies he asked me if I could listen and he would say his English was not good so his wife was listening just to help if he got confused . Hopefully this will also help you out with the difference between the English and when you go to the USA people won't be able to tell that your new to English just like the UK didn't know with my husband.

Welcome and good luck with your dream

Thanks Wintersbite, I want to be able to speak fluently, so rest assured that I will follow all your advice. I know accents are complicated but not impossible. I hope to visit the United States someday, I love drama and all of Hollywood and Broadway ... it would be wonderful if I were there.

Your English is off to a very good start you will be a pro in no time and I'm sure all the English speaking members of this site will be more than willing to help you with any questions or improvements to your English language learning . Good luck to you

Hi there Violeta

Your English is, fine, so done worry about that, you, write, away and we, will understand and reply. I only speak English ans wished that I'd learnt another language like Spanish, because I love that country, and been there many times. They are lovely people and so welcoming. I'm here if you need to just chat. 👍💗

Welcome newbie..ur English sounds fine.

To me your English seems excellent

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