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The pain does not end


Everyday the voices and feelings get to me. I don’t know what to do anymore. My family does not know what to do anymore. I’ve had 10 psychiatric hospitalizations basically in the hospital for the past year in and out, that included one state hospitalization. Hospitals have never helped me. If the rest of my life is going to be in a hospital then well I am better off dead to be honest.

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Alot of us here.."the pain does not end" for us mentally,physically or both.It is a vicious circle n hospitals n doctors can sometimes make it worse.

For me..ive been kicked so many times with my health its no wonder i dont have a permanent boot print on my back.

Its what u do to help urself to fight it n not let ur med stuff take ya down n win.

You sound like ur at wits end n need a direction to help yourself.

For me..i knew i was going down a med path i knew would kill me ultimately. I took control of it for me n my body ,n did a 360 n never looked back.

Sounds dumb but music got me thru tough times in between.I found HU n spoke to people who were struggling the same n we exchanged ways to help each other.Now i can offer a hand n help another..where before i couldnt even see light at the end of the tunnel.

Glad ur here with us.

Start with a list of what "u" would like for urself in ur life,medically n etc.Then figure the easiest one u can achieve and start there.If its having toast n tea..start steps.

Best to u...

Is your Pain Chronic, caused by a sore part of your body

Is the pain to do with your Mental Health or Anxiety .

If the problem is the latter consider Relaxation Technique MINDFULNESS. books are available for £7 STG or $10.00


I know IT might be not resolution but try meditation mindfullness etc check Ajahn Brahm talks on YouTube etc. maybe this could help You a bit to feel better. Take care

It's going to be ok and I know everyone has said this to you. Where are you from and how was it going up the there ? How old are you and what do you enjoy doing ? What food do you like , places you'll wanna go ?

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