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For me


I’ve noticed that i have this pattern of trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations of me instead of living for myself and not caring about other people’s views of me

When I was younger I was always expected to follow the rules and never question authoritarian figures and then also growing up in a religious household i was also always expected to live life according to biblical rules , I’ve always felt like a slave in a sense simply because if ever i were to rebel , trouble would somehow follow

As i got older i noticed that the pattern of thinking carried on in my friendships and relationships , if ever i felt like I’d upset someone or disappointed them somehow I always feel like “i cant do anything right”

Idk truly if these past instances are the cause of my current behavior but nevertheless i want to live and think carefree , for me

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We all should live within our own expectations in Life.

The Doctors Oath, Do no harm comes into the way we live our lives. Expect to be treated as you treat others, this includes many different like a Lie, theft etc. Your Faith in many ways should help you as most books of the Bible are all to do with living your own Life and the expectations you have of others. So technically you have your own ideas how you wish to live. You need to also respect yourself if you are unable to do that people will take advantage of you. In that case walk away.

We can become our worse enemy, We consider we are doing wrong although in a way we need to be confident and if people take advantage of us, in a way we walk away and follow our own Code.

If you feel you are not considering your own needs that is wrong people will not respect your needs and expectations.


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