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Plz tell me I’m not imagining it.


My mum keeps telling me that I’m imagining this and that it’s probably normal but I know it’s not bc I knew what my neck was like before and it did not look like this. You can see it in the picture and I can feel it when I press on that area. The areas of my neck that I’ve circled in the picture feels rlly swollen and it feels so uncomfortable!!! I’ve been going through this since the end of February and I’ve gone for many tests but the doctors still don’t know what it is. I’ve been tested for mono and it’s not that and there was no strep bacteria when I had a mouth swab done so that means it can’t be tonsillitis or strep throat right? I went for a ultrasound to check my thyroid last week and that was all Normal so it’s not that either.

But plz tell me that I’m not imagining the swelling in my neck it feels like a hard swollen line down the middle of the front of my neck and 2 swollen balls on either side of my neck. I feel like my mum telling me that it’s all in my head is driving me crazy. Cause it’s not all in my head it showed up in my blood test that I have an infection in my body they just don’t know what it is!

It’s so frustrating. It’s made me so depressed having to live with this for so long I feel like it’s never going to get better. And my mum not believing me when Telling her about my symptoms is not helping.

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I can see what you are talking about, swollen on both sides but even I can't tell you why - Vitamin deficiency - Iodine?

Hello Peachy, welcome back

You are still having problems regards your throat, in the actual neck area it looks fine. If you put pressure on that area you will find your Adams Apple it feels hard and bony, a lump, you will also feel the neck bones that form the throat. Your voice box can also be felt and that is quite normal. Some peoples Adams Apple sticks out and is very pronounced. Both sides of your throat where you show on your picture are both neck are neck muscle there can be a change if you put on or loose weight, they connect to muscle between shoulder and neck, if they were not there your head would not be erect and would wobble around. If they have given you tests they would be looking at things like this

I have Arthritis in the spine and neck, generally there seems to be very little swelling just soreness and clicking when I move my head.

I can see slight changes in the muscle neck/shoulder although it looks ok our body can change on a daily basis by holding your head slightly different.

Have you been putting weight on or taking it off, sometimes that can give changes there as well. That has happened to me, I need to loose weight.

Follow your Doctors advice, your fears seem to be making matters worse.

When did you have your blood test, consider if there was an infection in your blood it would not just affect your throat in the way you say. Blood transports around most areas from tip to toe As said before, keep playing with it will just make matters worse and your Anxiety will run more rampant, you will get more swelling Remember the left side of the body is different to look at from the right hand side of your body.

Your Doctor seems to have all covered.


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