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Over counter Melatonin


Does any one take melatonin? I'm a severe insomnia sufferer and am not allowed anymore prescription pills . I'm on sertraline and propranolol. Just looking for reviews of people that take it . Thankyou

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Melatonin will work mildly one day and then will have no effect the next.

There is a drink called Neuro Sleep that has melatonin and some other things and that works better for me. Some grocery stores and QuikTrip carries them. It is an orange bottle and tastes like a fruit drink.

I was able to get Melatonin on a private prescription from my psychiatrist but my regular GP would not prescribe it for me which was a shame because it really helped me. I wasn't able to source it but found (by accident) that certain anti histamine' also made me very sleepy. I would chat with your GP x

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