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Narcissistic parent.. that's it 👌


That was pretty straight to the point lol but seriously

How do you guys who dealt with this, deal with them?

I'm just looking for new ways to go about life efficiently

without allowing that to affect me in anyway..I mean the


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Honestly, just ignore them. I know its difficult especially when they're always in your presence or getting involved in your life and being judgemental etc. But, just do it. Don't argue about it , don't talk to them unless you have to or know its going be a non-toxic conversation.

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The way i read that first sentence made me laugh way too hard..

I mean that was so just..straight to the point and i loved it. Anyhow

Thank you for the answer. I do my best to ignore them in such a way

that doesn't taint my aura..if that makes sense

Walk away, you need to protect yourself and move on.

Depending on your age, if under eighteen the problem is more pronounced.

The problem is it can be a means to control and then will try you not to move on and will possibly bad mouth you to any family and friends.

Yes it is a form of abuse and they can attack any good feeling you feel about yourself and any people associated with you.

As soon as possible move out and ghost them hopefully they will not try to find you although in my case they found me and that ruined the life I had built up for myself.

Remember because of this, you may not see the person again although possibly they can wreck relationships behind your back

Run for the Hills


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