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Does anyone one know what is the best meditation app to go for wen dealing with depression anxiety n feeling like I’m on my own I do have support from my mom but I’m the type to deal with things on my own I don’t like to bother anyone could anyone suggest anything really appreciate it plz 🙏

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Any app or self help book that aids you is good they all have different techniques /methods and coping strategies.dare is a good app also headspace.i have numerous ones and plenty of self help books just google them.books feel the fear and do it anyway..dare....fxxk it...there are plenty out there.hope you find what you want and be safe on your journey

I use insight timer

Hello, I have the app called Law of Attraction. It has soothing music, meditations, stories as well as positive picture quotes. It is very easy

to use. Download from Google Play Store. Hope this helps. Peace to you!

I started using the Oak app for guided deep breathing and enjoy it so far.

Thanks all for your suggestions appreciate it

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