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Advise on speed addiction

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You need to be able to be put on a managed withdrawal, there are various organisations that can help on the internet, they will suggest ways to help yourself and move on from your addiction. These organisations are selective to the country you live in so do some research

You could also phone your GP Surgery and they can also advise on a pathway to follow.



Thankyou for reply xxx

hi its important to go to a drug support group/session and even talk about it with your gp.i read your other post and its obviously linked to your loss so bereavement counselling could even help as well.i used to take drugs thankfully gave them up many years ago.when we are depressed speed like other drugs will give us a high for a few hours but the comedowns are horrible and that leads to taking more.your admitting that you have a problem and that's a great start.

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Thank you xxx