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Boris what a beastly creature



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Well it's one law for them and another for us plebs. Hey hang on - I thought we were all in it together? Another lie 😐

💯 lol He does like to talk a lot of She-it 😂

He has been proven telling lies over EU money going to the NHS. But when he makes other promises millions choose to believe him! Why?

The problem with capitalism & politicians alike is that both will rob you with the same methodology #Lies

Hey foul language language isn't allowed on here please.

I am sorry and I will not use it on here again please forgive me 🤲

Ha ha you are forgiven. Thanks for amending it. 😀x

Welcome 🙏 and I am sorry that’s why the immediate action 🤗



To put pensioners over eighty down has been denied, I suppose it has been down to the chattering classes. However above can be put down to the UN their ideas of Globalism. They say this was brought about by the Chinese eating Bush meat and Pangollins I saw markets in China selling wild animals for the pot.

However I still wonder if this Virus was introduced, it seems to have been spread to far to quickly.

No it wasn't. I have been reliably informed it wasn't eating the meat which caused it but the unwashed skin which was infected which is why it spread so quickly. Chinese markets don't practise the standard of hygiene that many other countries do. At least they then took drastic action to stop the spread outside China. Pity other countries, including the uk, didn't take action quickly enough.

I spent over three weeks travelling in China, from the Russian/China Border to Peking, I saw some interesting disturbing things especially in the last week of travel.

We came across a market selling Animals from all States and countries and the Chinese enjoy many different meats from all animals wild and domestic. They need to close these markets down and ban eating this type of flesh. The habit of eating these types of animals including dogs and cats need to stop, also wild animals carry various conditions and illness is spread into Society in general. These Markets remind me of bad zoos with filth. and cruelty.

I still feel the way the problem has spread in the Middle East and Europe is questionable. However I do feel all this may have been engineered by unknown forces.

💯 percent

Actually my uncle said the Americans made this covid19 in the 80s and he’s seen the program confirming it

Total believe this is boris's way of dealing with our housing crisis nhs ect, his way of freeing up hospital bed if most die then we have lots of free home's too. I really dont understand how he is in power. Dithering half wit he is. Not closing the schools? It's a breeding ground, kids playing sharing all bug's and viruses bringing them home and infecting whole families. Sorry for the rant but I have 8 grandkids all in primary schools and when 1 gets ill we all get ill

💯 percent right

Well he is too busy making his gf pregnant! 😫