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Hi, I’m new to this site. I am really struggling with suicidal thoughts and that I don’t think I’m good enough. Thanks.

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You are good enough... every life is a gift... the negative self talk isali g u think this... it’s not true! Congrats on reaching out... you asking for support shows you are worthy and more than good for yourself... I’m here if u need to talk, vent anything... you are not slone! You are safe!😊🌷☀️🤗

Thank you 😊 that is extremely kind of you. I just can’t seem to believe it. I’ve never believed I’m good enough. I feel very invisible too. Hope you are doing ok? 🤗

I’m good thx 4 asking. Feeling like you are is very common... I’ve been there! You took a big step asking for support or help... congrats! Do you have a doctor or nurse practitioner to talk to about your depression? It’s not fun being under a constant fog... life is way better when you start living vs existing.... it may be an idea to go with you getting support here.... slowly the negative self talk can be blocked out, not listened to and believe it or not but there will come a day where you will know you are more than good enough! It just takes a little work. Get the negative crap out of your head to let sunshine in... take care of yourself by allowing yourself to stay calm and relaxed!😊

Awww thanks! Yeah I have a therapist I go to every four weeks. She has helped but I find it hard when I’m back listening to my own thoughts. I struggle to talk nicely to myself.

Write down the bad so u can counter with good?

Oh good idea!

This post may help explain a bit more about what is going on and give you some ideas for coping strategies

Thank you :)

Hi as others have replied you are good enough it's just your negative self talk saying that.try telling yourself you are good enough and keep repeating it have a daily ritual in which you tell yourself how good a person you are and all the good things about yourself.its hard a first but eventually you will re teach your brain to be more positive and look at things in a different perspective.lots of self help books.feel the fear do it anyway.dare.confidence2.fxxk your brain.youve taken the first step reaching out.good luck and try self help books cbt mindfulness meditation.

Thanks! Yeah I need to look in to some self help books, thanks for the recommendations 🙂

Are you having any treatment through your Doctor, or Therapist/CPN


Hi, yes I see a therapist. Been seeing her for years, but there is so much deep rooted issues.

How can we help ?


hi and welcome to you lots of us have thoughts like you regular not saying its ok to have them but if we start making plans then that's the point we should seek help with the situation.came across a group called alliance of hope that may be useful to you.take care.

Thanks for your kind and comforting words.

Hi I am new also and just saw ur post and wanted to say Hi and ask How are you ???

Aw welcome too. Two newbies together. I’m ok, could be better but feel very cared for after all the lovely messages. How are you?

Been better but day at a time glad your ok thx for reply 😊

Hi ⛅️I have the can’t do it overwhelmed days as well and am also new here. A kind of child like tactic I use is to write things I love and view all my favorites. All the things that make me me. And drawing silly stick figures of the ones I love -doing breezy stuff sometimes helps me see the better side and not the burden that your brain sometimes makes you believe you become when a depressive episode sets a cloud over top. Some days understandably that just can’t happen and even drawing or thinking becomes heavy and I try to be forgiving of my traumas that bind me and not bully myself in my head about those days being “useless”. Our body and mind can actually need quiet and doing nothing sometimes is actually doing healing and processing to cope 💞. Try to imagine times before that it seemed impossible and overwhelming and then shifted to a better place =as sometimes this helps me see that it feels bad bad now but it will soon pass like before.

Thank you! 💕 you are so kind.

Wow thanks so much for all the replies and kind words! I feel very cared about.

I see a psychologist, I have been for a long time, she’s great and I have noticed a big difference in myself since seeing her. It’s just extremely deep rooted issues I have had since I was very young about 7 years old or maybe younger, that I believed about my own self confidence and self worth. I tried so many therapists and different medications, I try so hard but I still feel like I’m nothing, like people just forget about me like I’m unimportant. I don’t like the person I’m becoming. I feel like I’m boring and I think why would anyone want to talk or hear my opinions. Family have always dismissed my feelings and opinions which hurt and are probably the cause to why I don’t believe in myself. Big hugs to you all 🤗

Be strong and think what you can do


I strongly suggest the ‘moodnotes’ App. It’s a mood and CBT tracker. A journal for self care and anxiety.

It will become your personal mood tracker where you describe your thoughts and emotions: eg feeling/thinking that you are not good enough.

Through keeping a mood diary, this app will help you find your mood patterns and identify your thinking traps and to bring new perspectives to situations. In a way, it acts as your personal therapist.

The other approach I can suggest is to write down 3 new things that you are thankful for everyday and one good thing that happened in the past 24 hours. This could be something as little as someone was helpful to you at the supermarket or your favourite ice cream was in stock. Or you received a call from a friend etc. Nothing is too small really. Do this for 21 days. I found this tremendously helpful in helping my low mood. So much so that I’m still doing it after 2 months.

You might struggle to find things you are happy about at first but stick to it and your brain will start to get into the habit. You can start with the things we take for granted everyday. For example I’m thankful for being able to see, to hear, to read, to write, to walk, to sleep, etc. Be very specific with each one and try to think how different your life would have been if you didn’t have any of those.

Or even really small things such as I’m thankful for the coffee I drink every morning. Or even this platform where you can share your feelings with people :)

Once you start doing this exercise, gradually your brain starts to think differently and learns to focus on the good rather than the negative.

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