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Am I likely to hava paranoid personality disorder?


Hi everyone

While I was searching for treatments, I bumped into this app and tried to give it a try. I cannot trust people... in other words, I start my friendships with full of trust but in time I start picking on their behaviours towards me, sometimes words they utter... ı feel like they use me for their own benefit... I am a bit hopeless and sad. My friendships except one have fallen apart mostly due to me.

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I keep to myself and keep people at a distance - more like professional attitude. They do not know about my home life or the fact I may have depression or anything else. It works for me.

That is a great strategy. I come from a culture where it is a tradition to open yourself up to people if they come to you. Smiling or being a bit over friendly is very normal. I am almost 30 now and would give everything to be like you

Actual friendships are as rare as hens teeth, we meet and associate with others, they are generally not friends at the most they are Associates.

Some so called friendships are ships that pass in the night, we may meet for a date and move on never to meet again

Consider also, you meet someone, they are classed as a full jug of water, you thrust your arm into the jug and remove it, the water in the jug returns to its original depth, the water lost is how that person will feel about you, they aquaint themselves with you like going into the pub, and pass time of day, they also pass on in their own lives.

Friends are very rare and need to be protected, however consider would they hurt you, that is not friendship.


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