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Am I paranoid?


Hi everyone

While I was searching for treatments, I bumped into this app and tried to give it a try. I cannot trust people... in other words, I start my friendships with full of trust but in time I start picking on their behaviours towards me, sometimes words they utter... ı feel like they use me for their own benefit... I am a bit hopeless and sad. My friendships except one have fallen apart mostly due to me.

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hi and welcome to you I don't think its a bad thing to gage folk out because it a tough world having anxiety we need honest friends who are supportive and have our backs but its important to try and not over judge friends as well.hopefully the friend you have is supporting you and maybe you could reach out for further support nearer to home.

Thank you for your support, I really appreciate that. The thing is I dont have delusions or plots out of the blue. what I feel about others are always based on strong feelings stemming from what they do or say. After some time say months or years people ask for more than they give and after that I feel like used up at my own expense. I was really thinking maybe I have low or moderate paraid personality disorder...

Mary I feel these days if you are not Paranoid there is something wrong with you.

Normality, what is that ??


That is so RELIEVING thank you

I don't think the end result is all about you. Isn't it more about the expectation you have of the friendship that then doesn't turn out the way you want,

There's nothing wrong with you. If you feel you are not getting what you need from a friendship set some boundaries,

expectations of your own and stick with it.

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