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Living with bipolar disorder for about 33 years


Hi, I've been living with bipolar disorder a long, long while, and fortunately I'm in a stable place right now. I'm trying to put together some resources so that the next time I'm in trouble I have a community to turn to. Along those lines I finally found a therapist who is a bipolar disorder expert. I also signed up for a study that taught me ways to prevent cycles. And I think a good support forum might be the last piece. Hello!

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Hello and Welcome

Congratulations you are doing all the right things, these will help you move on in an inclusive way. You need to talk and gain positive thought from others I hope all works out for you and this will also help you move on to better times

Try google positive thinking youtube and mindful meditation youtube - there is also quotes on pinterest which may be interest to you!

It is good to grow strong and rely on yourself - too. But at times we all need extra support and help - hope your dreams, wishes, wants and belief all come out and you believe in yourself.

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