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Don’t hate what you don’t understand.



I am a new member in this support group community.

I am a nurse and have dealt with mental health issues before in my life ever since I was a student up to now that I’m working as a Nurse.

I never imagined that I would and is experiencing this myself at this time being. I was raised in a Christian family and I had a great childhood experience as far as know. Not until I met my boyfriend. we were introduced by our families. it was great and I thought we had a strong foundation since our families are involved, but I guess I allowed my life to revolve around him. it was long distance relationship but we survived it, not until a month ago that it seemed rough to me, I wasn’t sure if it was because of my mental health or him. but surely right now I do not know what to do and what to thing and how to act. Fear is all over me and I know I need help.

it seems like I’m loosing my battle against anxiety disorder. this has been affecting me greatly with my work, my personal life, my nutrition and the list goes on.

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Very, very good! It sounds like you have got your life altogether and are actually doing well. Feelings can be rationalized and sorted out with a little bit of digging. You may feel like you lost control and of control of situation but calm down and relax. Google mindful meditation youtube to relax. You need to sort your problem a little by little, step by step - why you feel so anxious about the relationship is it because they are closer and trusting you much more now and you feel you have to have it altogether now - be kind to yourself and acknowledge you have doubts and negativity at times but not to let this get to you or on top of you. Take risks - that is life and don't give up because it is getting harder for you - focus on what matters, you and your partner - look for peace of mind while dealing with depression and anxiety. I have hope for you and your new relationship.

Do you have any associated depression with it or are you just anxious? Can you identify what the anxiety is tied to or is it just free floating? Are you feeling too dependent on him for your happiness? And afraid of the long distance relationship? Have you thought about therapy?

Welcome to the community. There are a lot of caring and knowledgeable people who will share their experience strength and hope with you. Keep posting and let us know how you're feeling

Chen-A in reply to LilyAnnepuppy

thank you for your concern words. it really means a lot!

yes I was too dependent on him, I let my happiness all about him, that even the slightest change I noticed which I think led to the gap we are having now, though I know partly was his fault. I’m just so afraid of losing him.

I just consulted with our neurologist in the hospital I’m in now and he prescribed me SSRI medication.

Can you talk to him about this? Are you unhappy?

I see you will be starting meds. That's great, this should help you. May I ask why a neurologist? Do you plan on seeing a psychiatrist and going to therapy?

Chen-A in reply to Dolphin14

I tried to talk to him about our situation again and again but he doesn’t like if I’m too much emotional.

because I will be leaving this country in 2 weeks and I’m planning to see a psychiatrist when I go home. I just needed something right now to somehow calm me. hope the meds will work on me though.

Dolphin14 in reply to Chen-A

Ok good, glad you will se a psychiatrist.

Remember the meds do take some time to work.

Don't you want to be with someone who is sensitive to your emotions as opposed to intolerant?

Mayb you need to take time out to get yourself settled?

Chen-A in reply to Dolphin14

yes thanks. I was informed it’ll probably take 1-2weeks for the meds to kick in.

I want to, but he wasn’t always like this before, its just recently when he moved to another city for a new job and he hasn’t settled yet.

Dolphin14 in reply to Chen-A

Maybe a little longer on the meds. See how it goes. The good thing is you will be starting them.

Maybe he's having adjustment issues.

Just remember to take care of yourself.

Keep us posted on how you are doing.

Chen-A in reply to Dolphin14

will sure do. thanks a lot🙂

I often find these situations hard to define, especially when you are a couple, and have close family ties,sounds like you are fairly young, and your job is very demanding in the first place, this might sound cruel and heartless, but if he's not your soulmate and not listening to your needs and adding to your problems its only going to add more pressure to your anxiety,don't forget, these issues may not be all your own doing,I've seen a friend of mine having to go the doctors to get medication because of other members of her family putting her under immense pressure!! Which to me was the wrong call,if I had my way,I would of got the other members of the family certified crazy, but she covered up for them,so sometimes looking into a goldfish bowl you find a shark,its not easy, and I hope you find a solution, best of luck

Try taking magnesium oxide 500 mg. It does wonders for me. Also vitamin B12 is also extremely important.

Chen Welcome to this site

Is your Boyfriend moving to your home country with you, also if not how is He feeling regards the move ?

You mention now He is working away, sometimes this can be the breaking of the relationship also if you are returning home this can also cause concerns.

You mention you have anxiety,, can this be attached to the worry of your work condition or because of moving and the change in an over reliant self absorbed relationship that changed when your Partner moved away to work. Could it be this relationship has run its course, if that is the case, you moving may be a the end, you will both move on.

Have you thought your boyfriend may have met someone else ?

Allow five weeks for the medication to work


Hope you are doing better Chen-A

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