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I Give up

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Seems like everything I try to make things better just feels like a door being close in my face, for instance I tried sorting out my finances by declaring myself bankrupt, was the best opinion at the time as I was unwell at the time so I wasn’t working, took advice from both cab and National debt line before applying both decided this was the best course, now I thought I was doing well getting myself back into full time work since last October 2019 after a long period off time off work, I recently received a letter from the insolvent people, I need to pay back £589 for 36 months which is ALL off my original debt, so I’m practically back at square one and this debt is the reason why I tried to take my own life on numerous occasions last one was last October, so can someone tell me what is the point in taking advice from cab and national debt line.

The kicker here is that many people have told me to ‘get yourself back to work it will fill the day instead off have nothing to do’ if I had stayed off work and claimed benefits I wouldn’t have to pay back anywhere near that a month.

Like I said this is and still is one off the reasons off what’s wrong in my life I also suffer from depression and anxiety.

I was expecting to have to pay some off the debt back this was informed to me it’s the amount per month I wasn’t expecting like I said it works out at ALL off the debt so what is the point in going bankrupt, this is it nothing else I can do they have me by the balls

5 Replies

Hi! Ok idk if as a Colombian I’m over romanticizing your country but... are you not able to apply for state assistance for health and rent? In the states they have food stamps and free insurance I mean, it can’t be that bad. In my country you’d be seriously f**ed but, idk, have you applied for help? I’m almost sure you can get it


Hi go back to Cab and seek their advice. I think if you are made bankrupt all debts are written off. If not then they help you work out a plan of how much a month you can afford after all your other expenses. The debtors have to accept this so call their bluff. x



Agree the amount and pay off in very tiny small amounts, is the best advice I can give


Go back to CAB and National Debt, I understand when bankrupt you can renegotiate to pay the money back in smaller amounts or in some cases some debt may be quashed.

Personally I have not been bankrupt although I seem to remember from somewhere that the debt can be paid back at a more reduced rate. Take advice, it may be the need to go to court might be expected



So sorry to hear, that, like the others said I thought the reason people went bankrupt was to clear there, debts. So I would definitely seek some more help and if you have to pay back, then it's got to be what you an comfortly afford, if not your slip down that path again and be in debt. Best of luck. X


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