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I’ve just been prescribed quetiapine to go alongside venlafaxine and aripiprazole for my BPD/EUPD and wondered if anyone had any experience with it?

I’ve heard a lot about weight gain which is worrying me a bit but if people could tell me personal experiences that would be amazing.

Thank you,


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Quetiapine is a second generation anti psychotic as is aripiprazole so I would want to know why I am being prescribed both because they would have similar side effects. Second generation anti psychotics are notorious for weight gain. I take quetiapine for my EUPD and have found it useful in taming the mood swings from dramatic to just wavey. Yes the downside can be weight gain but a) it doesn't affect everyone b) I would rather have the weight gain and mental stability than be where I was before taking quetiapine. For more information try reading mind.org.uk/information-sup...


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