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Anyone suffer with server paranoia ? Something not had much of before but last week everything going through my head don’t no who to trust ? Sorry if seems I have so many issues they all built up over a long time I’m 37 and bin like this most life from 16 plus .

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Yes, I can't trust anyone because I believe that they'll use me or something


Professional help can help as they guide you through your thoughts and explore the deeper reasons for your problems/beliefs. Good and Evil, trust the good - pinterest positive thoughts, courage etc


I’ve had times in my life were I've felt like this..

I agree with indervir therapy can help..talking it through with a professional, getting to the reasons can often help us rationalise some of it,,,

Don’t struggle with it , you deserve a life , if you havnt already, do seek some therapy, CBT available in uk if your in uk, you can self refer online in your area or dr can refer...

I wish you well x


Listen ..i have tons of med issues since I was young also..dont apologize,it's freaking life unfortunately for alot of us.

Could ur sleep meds or another med or combo be giving u these feelings.??? Medication interaction?


Hi! In my case I’ve always been slightly paranoid but since I started using recreational drugs 5 years ago it has gotten worse. Right now I have decreased my drug intake significantly, did rehab last year, but my paranoia persists. I got an at home job and don’t go out at allá. Don’t meet with friends. I feel I am being constantly made fun of at meetings and parties, and honestly I never know if I’m right or it’s just paranoia, but end up leaving. Been very lonely for the past 6 months and heavily insecure.


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