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How do I find the courage?


I’ve lost interest in everything apart from sleeping, I don’t seem to care about myself or people around me and in general feel like I’ve let myself go. I have episodes of intense sadness and feelings of being unworthy and a nuisance that don’t seem to shift. This started around October 2018 then was okay from June-November 2019 but it’s overwhelming me again. I just feel like I’m struggling to cope with life. It probably doesn’t help I have kept this to myself this whole time but the fear of being judged, misunderstood or not taken seriously has been too strong. However, now I’m feeling like I need to get it - or some - of my chest.

If anyone has advice or any experience with talking to someone, it would really help.

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hi and welcome to you. you will never be judged or misunderstood on here that's for sure.its good to talk and you will feel much better for it if you can open up closer to home and you have us on here.

Welcome to the group. This is a great place to post questions, tell stories, ask for help and just vent when you need to.

I too have had many days, especially recently, where I felt like nothing. I didn't matter to anyone, I didn't want to eat anything but sugar, I only slept and slept. Spent most of the past week sleeping because I had time off from work.

And although I don't have a lot of family who still talk to me, I did have my daughter. We share expenses and act mostly like two college kids sharing space. I still need her. She still needs me. We work well together. She and my two cats are the only things I love and live for: my three reasons for a good new year. A chance to make this year different.

Psychiatric help never did much for me. I'm pretty stubborn. But here, with a little medication for my depression and anxiety, I actually think things are getting better. Glad to hear from you and feel free to ask whatever you need.

Hi thank you very much for both your messages. Everyone says that’s it better to talk about things - I know it probably is - but why is it so hard to start the initial conversation?

If I were to go to family it would be my mum however I care about her so much that I don’t want her to be upset/be a burden to her as I can’t imagine she’d like to hear that her daughter is feeling this way. She’s already got enough on her plate as it is. Just know if its worth the trouble.

Try google : mindful mediation youtube , it will help you relax and pass your thoughts with observation only and may help focus your brain to positive thoughts, too - try Buddhism books to let go of suffering or any other religious book to guide your mind

Thank you for this suggestion, something I had not thought of before.


I am in a very similar situation like you. I am struggling g to cope and do t know where to start to end this all.

Sad to hear you are feeling the same way, I can fully empathise with you. I hope we can both turn our situations around eventually, always here to talk if needed.

Love yourself and move on.

If you cannot love yourself, your soul will scream out your low expectations of yourself. Life has a great deal to offer you

Write down a list of what is good about yourself, You need to be honest, with positive expectations in life. Also make a list of your negative destruction, and negative thoughts and expectations. Sit down and also write what you expect of others and those problems they have pushed on you. It is those people who are doing you damage, preventing you from moving on


Thank you for this, something which I haven’t considered. Due to not really knowing what has caused this feeling in me, this may be a good thing to do.

Sorry to hear you are suffering it is a difficult place to be. I too can identify with all of this and it is hard to find the courage and motivation. Do you have anyone you can talk to, have you seen gp you are welcome to message me and talk together we can support each other. The people on this site have lots of good advice and support so please keep in touch

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Thanks for your message, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone. I have my mum but wouldn’t want to burden her first and worry that my friends would treat me differently if I open up. Hopefully this site can be the kickstart I need to make the first step.

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Yes and it's hard to do but people will help I know it's difficult what have you managed to do today

Perhaps we could set small goals and support each other

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