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Anxious Christmas

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I am already feeling anxious about Christmas. In a week or so, I am going to be expected to put up a tree, I have yet to buy a single present and I've already started to make my excuses to avoid social events even though I know I will feel guilty about not going. I feel a terrible pressure in my brain every year from about now until mid January. If not for my son, I'd spend the next 2 months very drunk.

Sorry - this is a venting post. I can't talk about how I feel with anyone because I get either told I'm just a scrooge, or it's autism related. Wah! Christmas!

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Sorry you are stressed regards Christmas, we used to go abroad and visit Spain and the Middle East to get away from it, it was nice to come home where everyone had fallen out and family seemed pleased to see us.

It can be an awkward time of the year, Christmas now is locking the doors, windows and drawing curtains and riding it out. I enjoy looking at picture books and am waiting for six new books to look at over Christmas, I get more out of books they do not cause any problems or unreal expectations. My Wife is the same we love the peace and like to relate to the actual reasons we celebrate Christmas.

In a way you are lucky to have a son you can spend Christmas with ?.

Like you I am stocked up with bottles of beer and Malt Whisky, as you say Christmas can be A Soul Destroying time and can bring back negative memories. We need however to go through the rituals especially if Children are involved. We live on the English/Scottish Border New Year seems to hit the mark, especially with all the Scottish Treats.

Chin Chin ?,



Hi I'm like you I also dislike Christmas. And I know my anxiety and depression become much worse. As soon as the summer has gone I start to worry then. Soon our decorations will be out and up and I'm dreading it, if I could hybernate and wake up when it's done and dusted it would make my life much easier, but I guess we can't. It comes every year but just get harder. Sorry for the negative reply 💖


This post is so familiar to me, it is stressing me out also. Just watching all the trees and lights go up is not helping.. even all the ads on tv get on my nerves. I also haven't bought a single present yet, my extreme anxiety is raising its ugly head again I am struggling to leave the house by myself and as I need to drive to get anywhere to shop this is also a huge problem. I used to enjoy having a drink at Christmas but haven't touched alcohol since taking medication, (does anyone here drink with meds) the way things are going up until now I will probably take the easy option this year and give money instead of presents. Roll on January...

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Sorry just seen your drinking and meds 🙋‍♀️ I have a tipple (sometimes a bit too much 🙊) I'm on pregabalin, duloxetine, lithium and promethazine. Never noticed any extra side effects tbh


I lost two wives through Cancer so Christmas means nothing to me only memories of happier times, I just want to go somewhere alone for 2 weeks and come back when its over.


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