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Mom in need


Hi I am monica and new to this just trying to help my 19 year old son who has issues but won't get help

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hi sorry to read about your son could you encourage him to get help and you could go along with him for added support.even buy some self help books for him so he can learn new ways to cope.

Generally, if His mental health problems are causing distress you need to convince Him to see the Doctor. He will asses and treat the condition in various ways

What problems does He have, as push comes to shove He is considered an adult so he is old enough to make His own decisions.

If things are bad, talk to your Doctor and explain what is happening, He will hopefully advise and get out the Crisis team out to asses Him


Anger mostly, social anxiety

It is important you feel comfortable in your Skin. Is your Son been seen by any health professional, it is important you both get some support especially if your Son is in any way violent or aggressive towards you.

You can call NHS Information on Tel 111 if things are getting really bad. They will advice and contact various departments depending on the situation at that. If you are in any danger, they can send out a Crisis Team and they will assess and decide what needs to be done.

If you are unable to get your GP to see him or both of you you still need to possibly call the Surgery and see what can be done.

Is your Son taking medications or having any form of CBT, if so the Doctor knows the problem and will handle and provide a treatment pathway in the treatment of His condition.

Do you know of any reason why your son feels the way He does, to know the cause will help in dealing with these concerns


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