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Self care is key to me and my health

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Hi, I haven't posted for a while. Lack of funds for internet access and a bit of a rollercoaster ride on my anxieties haven't helped.

I have got through the latest low with my self care plan. I have heard mutterings from people that self care is selfish, so not true. Looking after yourself and learning how you function and the subtle signs if when you need to take extra care of yourself is in now way selfish, in fact t in my opinion looking after yourself means that you are more than likely to be able to help others more because you are in a mindset and place where you can offer that help.

I am grateful for all the health unlocked communities I have joined and gotten advise from as they have helped me long this journey. Yes, I will have lows in the future but I will get through them and I know they will end because of what I gave learned the past couple of years. When I started on the forums I was in a place I only saw darkness and no hope, not now as I have learned a lot about what does and doesn't work for me.

I hope this post gives encouragement to anyone in that lost and dark place. You can get out of it, you can find what works for you. It may take time and patience and trailing and error, but you will find it. Take one step at a time and you will get there.

Thanks for reading.

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Believe in yourself and give compassion, hope and strength to yourself!

Wow there's a name from the past! I have often wondered about you and how you are getting on. The last I remember you were seeking legal advice? Oh I agree with you completely about self care coz if you are happier then those around you are too. xx

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20Voices in reply to hypercat54

Yes, divorce is all done although it caused me great grief. I had a melt down in front of the court about what I though of lawyers and what they and my ex was putting me through. I can laugh at it now, but it really scared my Mum as she's driven me the 100 miles to the court and witnessed my melt down. She was expecting me to be arrested for talking to the sheriff that way.

Anyway all done and much happier for it.

Starting up my own holistic therapies business, based on using various massage techniques and talk therapy to help people with their own self-care. That has the added difficulties of still having ups and downs with my own anxieties but is getting there.

Just got a solution that I am trying out for getting more internet access as I couldn't afford internet or cable TV anymore. Staying positive that this will workout as it has been tough developing my business website without a regular connection.

I have learnt a lot about myself while I have have been away. Most importantly was about self forgiveness and that has been amazing.

Hope you are doing well.

What a lovely post!! XXX

Hello again 20voices and welcome back.

Yes, you will get there too.

Take care and as indervir has said - take care of yourself and plenty of belief in your goal and that you can achieve it.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse & Moderator.

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20Voices in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thank you. I missed not getting on here to post when I had some dark days, but had no internet during that time.

I learnt a lot about myself and my strengthen though.

Glad to be back as memories of the support from this group has helped.

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