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Anxiety curable?


Did someone get rid or reduced severe anxiety without pills by changing lifestyle without medicine? If yes, please let me know there’s a hope.

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i feel my problems with anxiety lies with being uncertainty, get comfortable with the unknown and you will feel less anxious

Have a read of Dr Weekes or listen to her on you tube. She has helped many on this site and myself too. Read other posts too there’s so many on here who have recovered or are finding ways to help them self’s from it. This app is amazing your find your way. Don’t give up hope. There is a light.

I had a long recovery in the past by scheduling my day even my dinner menus my rest periods and I took up the gym 4 x week even if I didn’t do much there I went. I made myself very busy and I scheduled rest at periods I knew I’d need it. Like work sucked on Tuesdays so I’d rest for half hour after work in bed eat chips and watch tv. It depends on state if your health how well I did. I hope to get there again. I only worried about myself and schedule and that made it easier I was less invested in thoughts.

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