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Feeling alone and beyond frustrated


So I'm currently hanging out on my bed having a good cry (as good as I can, since people keep walking in and I don't cry in front of my family) honestly for once I just want things to be okay but that's not how life works so yea. I'm really lucky to have all the beautiful things I have but my brain literally will not let me exist in peace with myself. And all my mental issues are causing me physically issues. So yea this is what my life is now. There's a long list of things I cannot do and people say they understand but they don't. Sorry for ranting. Thanks for listening. Lots of love to everyone.

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You are not alone, I feel the same, is good to write about how you feel, give a sense of relief. Some days are better than others...this to shall pass

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Thank you ❤

It's perfectly normal to cry. I'm a guy and I cried loads before I went on medication. Are you seeking therapy? Still debating as I've been in and out of therapy tho it does help. Here if you wanna talk:)

Same for you 😊💕

Im feeling the same today...BUT.. Im here trying to help myself also.. and trying to help others in same boat. If I lay in bed Ill only make my isolation and depression worse so Im here now trying to figure out a different plan for my day. Just know u r not alone :)

Good plan! Go out and try to enjoy it! When my depression was really worse I'd constantly drag my ass outta bed and to school then clean the entire apartment and try to go out with my friends and my mom. It's a lot better now but I have my day.

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