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I can’t find anything on this diagnosis?. Anyone no if their is a page .

Need more understanding / support

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Hello and welcome to this caring and supportive community. Thank you for responding to one post with a caring reply. Noe in answer to your question - Did you mean Border Personality Disorder please?

If so the NHS website has a good explanation of the disorder. I have included the info below for you.

Do any of our lovely members wish to welcome and respond to J-k-a please.

Many thanks.

MAS Nurse and Moderator.



Ok will have look .. thankyou


Hi there is no specific BDP site on Health Unlocked but the mental health and the anxiety sites have members with this. There are sites for it to so just google it. This will give you some info about it. x



Thankyou , I will give it a look now .x

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Just tried through the link , it didn’t work😑.x


Borderline Personality Disorder ? You need to discuss your concerns with your GP

As MAS Nurse explains look on NHS Choices Information on the web they explain in some depth what the condition is



I was hoping for a follow page on here to talk to other people with it , rather than medical :/ .

I’ve looked and it all says the same, I need it to be more personal with someone with it for ways in which they’ve coped or advice / over come.

Thankyou though ☺️


Hey, I was diagnosed with this about six months ago, then my doctor changed his mind and said I didn't fit the criteria anymore! I still think I do though, so I have stayed a member of a couple of forums. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention other forums on here, but I can PM you if you want? x


They did that to me when I was 18 , now 25 been diagnosed almost a year and on anti psychotics .

Get a second opinion, try to get recovery and get them to get you an appointment to be reassessed .

I’ve heard D.B.T or M.B.T is good to Help with the diagnosis, still waiting on the list . Hopefully they’ll help ..

Yeah that would be grate if you could mail them ☺️..x


Do you meds for your emotions

Because borderline have ye emotions that swing



Yeah , their also used for bipolar



But what is it ?

There are so much meds I know one thing that somethimes some ant depressant are not ok for bipolar

O I read it

Anti psychoticums

It help you ?

Because I know olanzapine serogeul ambilify but I only know from my neighbor che have bipolen


Quetiapine ,

As for other medication it depends on the person . What one person takes another may not . Bit of trial and error by the doctors to get the right meds .. as we are all unique ..

I’ve been put in a lot of different ones in all fairness, finally on ones that help me progress to getting better .

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Happy for you

I try before the same where you on but I whas like sleeping and my concentration zero. No not happy with it. Whas low doses for sleep. But I have the work so I can not walking on my work like this


Itis a very strong tablet, I find taking it earlier in the evening helps me feel alert the next day but also calm .🙂


Hmmm maiby I ask my doc ye maiby early in the day not late evening

I check with him

Because now it's a nightmare. I don't sleep but I am not bipolar

I have ptsd anxiety so and it's also a hell


By earlier I mean I take it a 9pm instead of 11pm .

Keeps me from being lethargic the next day.

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P.s queitiapine is an anti psychotic not anti depressant 💕


Ye I know

But it works as a anti depressant also in high dose


It’s a sedative , in a high dose you’ll be out for the count ..

also used for people with major depressive disorder.

But not a depressant tablets it’s in a different category.

Please MAS_Nurse correct me if I’m wrong 😑.

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No no you right 👍😊

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I hope if you do take it earlier it helps you feel more awake .


Pfff did not

My anxiety thought kickt in

OMG really I hate it

I don't understand really my one brain why I get so anxious for taking the med



I’m sorry it didn’t help just taking from experience