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A metal spelk

I had something strange happen yesterday.

I was treating my Psoriasis on my face next to the eye, I have had a lump, like spot on my face for many years and have given up trying to get rid of it.

Feeling something sharp I picked at it and out came a piece of metal, all I can think of it was from a car accident I suffered in 1976. They had to cut me out. I remember seeing sparks as they were I think they were cutting of the door, I remember a fireman covering my head as they were working on the car, the next thing I remember was in the hospital being worked on.

So now it has made me wonder if I had been hit by some metal and it was missed and it has been in my face, next to the ear since the accident. I still have a small lump where the metal came out although the spot ?, seems to have become less pronounced and is getting smaller

Funny, been there all this time. The only thing I can think is the spot felt very hard and it used to bleed in the past if I played with it

Anyone had something similar.


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When I was in my 20s someone threw a load of pint glasses at me and I ended up with 48 stitches. Made quite an impression when I turned up for my 2nd day in a new job looking like that. I had one particular scar with a solid bump in my hairline that often itched and drove me mad. Last year I scratched and scratched at it and out popped a piece of glass that had been in there for 30 years. Still a slight bump, but so much more comfortable than it's ever been.



Strange is it not when we consider how long ago it happened. I was surprised that I had no infection at the time

Do you think you have more bits you have missed.

With me they needed to take the door of and take the roof as well. I was trapped with the steering wheel and dashboard. The top of the engine ended up on the other side of the road, the windscreen ended up next to the engine and remained in one piece. The car was in such a mess they would not allow me to see it afterwards, it was full of arterial blood I was lucky they found us in time



I think that was the only piece left from that incident. I can see how it would have been difficult to see at the time. I think that as we both had solid impervious things embedded our bodies sterilsed them and healed over them. Just the physical presence caused discomfort.

Conversely I had endless infections around my navel for years which I finally had to have operated on to clear it up and they found it was caused by a piece of stitch left from a previous operation 20 years before. The stitch giving the infection a safe haven to hide from the antibodies and antibiotics.

If you're worried about anything else still being under your skin you should have a chat with your gp. Being metal anything else should show on an xray. Might be worth having done anyway incase you need an MRI one day.



I had micro surgery through the belly button and now it is sore with Psoriasis around where the needle entered the body, so now it itches like mad and sometimes very sore



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