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I’ve been given sertraline by the doctors I’ve read the side affects and very worried does anyone have any positive to say about them

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Yes I am on them and have been for quite a long time. Every drug has side effects so you wouldn't even take paracetomol if you looked too closely! The side effects of sertraline are usually mild which is why they are the common ones. You would be very unlucky to get one of the more severe ones. Even if you do then tell your doctor and s/he will give you something else.

Ad's like this aren't strong powerful drugs you know and they do help a lot of people. x

All I fear is if I get one of the side effects what if the side effect doesn’t clear up? I hate being this anxious about everything but proves I really need to take them, especially being pregnant my fears are becoming more worse like leaving home

Side affects should pass i suffered too i know how u feel

Sertraline didn’t work for me 😓 my mental health team changed the to Venlefaxine and I’m feeling much better ! And not as anxious 🙏

P.s the side affects will subside give it about 4weeks 🙏

Hello Casper, I am not on it but my son who is 40 is taking Sertraline, he's been on it for 6 years or more no side effects, however not all medicine is suitable for everyone. If you have given it a few weeks then it still affects you please go back. It is often trial and error, we are all different xx


It depends on how long you have been on this medications, it takes upwards of five weeks before you will feel the benefit. If after that time you feel unwell talk to your GP. Remember however it is important you are patient with medications, there is no, if you change your medication to often they run out of options.

Generally if you are seen by a Therapist they will suggest various techniques to help, however time will come where you will need to control your health concern in your own way with the tools available as explained by your Therapist


Hi there, I've been on 200mgs per day for a while now - began on a lower dose then increase to the current dose. Probably been on Sertraline for about 3 years in total & have found it very good. Hope this helps.

I found the mental side effects to be quite brutal (it made my anxiety symptoms far worse for a few weeks), but for me it was well-worth sticking with. I feel happier and more contented now than I ever have so it really worked for me.

I am in the recent throes of starting on 50 mg sertraline. 9 weeks on. Side effects here too. Seeking to up dosage. Thank you, your post helped me


I'm on 150mg a day, but I take them in the evening as they make me tired.

Has anyone took this while being pregnant

Casper007 in reply to Casper007

I’m 14 weeks and worried about everything

nikkid1980 in reply to Casper007

I’d go back to your doctors if you’re still having side effects after 14 weeks 🙏

Casper if you are pregnant it would be advisable you discuss our Medications with your GP, generally you may need to reduce the dose at a recommended time if pregnant.

Consider making your appointment to discuss your fears.


Hi Casper, I have been on fluoxetine then citalopram, but now sertraline. I have been on sertraline for about a year and a half, gradually made my way up to 150mg. I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better, it is the only one of the medications I have tried that has made me feel like myself again. Everyone is different, but it has helped me a lot. I have also had some CBT sessions which I have found brilliant also.

Netty888 in reply to Jemmy123

Sertraline helps me better than any other antidepressant and I’ve tried them all. Only distressing side effect for me has been compulsive buying 😭😭 x

Jillyone in reply to Jemmy123

That sounds so reassuring to me right now. Thank you

I hope you don’t mind me posting . I have just stumbled on to this site via google. I was asking if sertraline dosage could be increased from 50 mg . I’ve been on it approx 9 weeks. Had improvement for few days.. then way down again.I was on imipramine previously for many years but they stopped working . It’s taken me ages to find out how to contact anyone on here, I’m a silver surfer not very clever with new technology. It was so reassuring though to find all the posts. I tried to write an introductory post but got confused so I had to sort of gatecrash here. I do hope that’s ok. I just hope I can find my way back to these posts again.I didn’t feel so isolated reading them.. thank you Casper and all. I hope to speak again soon.

I’m also a silver surfer just turned 71 this April, so I know how you feel my dr just put me on sertraline I’ve been on pristiq for years and it wasn’t working anymore. But I hate taking new meds because of the side effects. I was curious if the side effects if any are really bad. I’ve worked hard to take 40lbs and I don’t want to put it back on has anyone had trouble with weight gain

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