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Burning brain is making me so sick

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Every morning I wake from what little sleep I have my body and brain feel like they are on fire I have constant pain in the front of my head and I feel like I have drunk battery acid my whole body shakes on the inside and my body feels so weak now I am in constant pain I feel nauseated all the time my life is a living hell I feel like I’m drowning in a chemical I feel so depressed I have now been off all medication for 23 months after a rapid taper and a bad reaction to a antidepressant I’m so very sick doctors don’t take me seriously but the pain and chemical sickness is pushing me over the edge , what do I do

3 Replies
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Generally if your GP feels you are not helping yourself, He may jump over your problem when you attend an appointment. It sounds like you are suffering Anxiety. If that is the case for your own feelings of lack of wellbeing you need a treatment pathway and need to be intensified to start medications once more and possibly If you do that your GP may arrange CBT for you.

Personally if I was suffering from the sensitivities you explain I would be determined to take any pathways offered. All I can say is you need to push ahead on your sensitivities and ask for help.


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Hi Terry4949 and thank you for your post. I am sorry to hear things are so difficult for you. Please stay on this caring forum where we are here to listen. Borderriever has given some very helpful advice. It does sound as though you need a treatment pathway and perhaps a different type of medication and/or CBT. It may help you to contact MIND Mental Health Charity. They can support you, giving information about mental health conditions, treatment options and practical issues.



Their information on Advocacy in Mental Health [in their Guides to support and services section] may be useful to you. Advocates are there to listen to your views and concerns and help you to address these.

Mind infoline 0300 123 3393

Are any other members able to help Terry4949, please?

Thank you and best wishes.

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Terry4949 in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thankyou for your reply and help the thing is the doctors won’t give me any medication I have tried over 20 antidepressants and that’s why they stopped me 23 months ago I believe I had a severe reaction to mirtazapine my anxiety is not bad it’s more the intense physical symptoms that leave me in such pain and distress I feel depressed as this has been going on for so long I have chronic insomnia lasting over 3 years now but the neuropathic symptoms are unbearable I find it hard some days to carry on living like this the doctors say they have run out of medication to give me and they don’t know what to do so I’m lost if they can’t help me who can . I had a phyciatrist again he said the same we have tried medication and there is no more that can be done for you , talk about feeling alone

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