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Removal of an underage post

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Hello everyone on the community.

I am posting this as I have unfortunately recently removed a post that has been written by an underage young lady. I have private messaged the member reminding them of the Community Guidelines in relation to the age of members and pointed her in the direction of appropriate assistance.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse and Moderator.

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What contributor was it, so we know which one, hopefully help us identify contributions


Bob if someone is underage they are taken off the forum so you won't see them again until they reach 16 or above. x


Yes I know that.

What I suggest is contributors are given the marker that presented itself to prove age.

It may help contributors pick others, Underrage out.

I picked up on the contributor, before it was taken down. There was actually three script that were questionable.

Life is so complex, we need to be able to carry people along with the site, Decisions.


Hi Bob I think that by making new members put their date of birth when joining is a good idea. Unfortunately it wouldn't stop some lying as we have had minors here who are well aware of the age limit but join anyway.

I don't think it's our responsibility as members to do this and I would like to see admin routinely have a quick check of all the posts. There aren't that many after all.

I was one who picked up the relevant member as they said they were in the 8th grade, and they sounded very young so I contacted admin to let them know. x


Yes got that one, however there were two others if I remember.

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Thank you for listening


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