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I didn't know that having depression made me a "bad" person

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My roommate and I do not get along, however her mom called my mom today and said "Well, before me daughter moved in with yours, we didn't know she was on meds for all her issues she has. Many that's why my daughter is so miserable living with yours". I'm not sure why my antidepressant medication has anything to do with my roommate or her mom, because it does not effect either one of them. Is it just me being overly sensitive about her comment, or does anyone else feel like they would be disrespected and stigmatized due to their mental health condition?

5 Replies
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Hello llama lover

Thank you for your message. It seems as if you are in a difficult situation. Perhaps you could let us know more about your situation and how you came to be sharing a room with this person?

From your message it seems as if you have been coping well with the depression. You are obviously doing very positive things with your life.

It seems that your roommate and her Mom are not very well informed about mental health. If you have a look at the topics and pinned posts there may be general information that you could show them to help with their awareness.

Are you able to share how this is affecting you with others like friends or family or a support worker?

Our members are very supportive so may have more suggestions too.

Let us know how things go

Best wishes


It sounds like She is trying to make mischief via Her Mother to yours. To be honest it has nothing to do with anyone, including your room mate.

However I need to ask has Your Mental Health issues shown themselves as a problem to your room mate. Sometimes when we are ill we can dwell on our conditions and this can cause upset to others close to us.

I do know in certain situations some people have negative feeling towards Mental Illness and associated medications and may feel uncomfortable with regard to our illnesses.

Personally I would feel as annoyed as you with what has happened, How does your Mother feel regards your illness ? What has your Mother said regards the telephone call from your roomates Mother ?. If you moved out has your friend someone to take your place. All seems silly and counter productive. Where would you go if you had to leave ?


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This isn't about you, it's about the fears your roommate and her Mother have. By the time you'

re in college you should be learning to handle your own problems in life not having your mommy do it for you .It makes your roommate seem immature and not quite ready to leave home. You on the other hand appear to be doing well in spite of having depression. You should be proud of yourself. I would start looking for another place because I wouldn't want to spend another minute around this girl. Pam

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Hi llama lover it is indeed of no business of your roommates mother to be discussing your health problems have you discussed this with anyone? Her daughter is proberley a product of her family environment about time she looked closer to home! Please don't let this bother you but if it becomes a bigger problem then look for another roommate but don't you move let her! I truelly hope this works out for you all the best 🙏

that sounds like an awful situation you’re in. they seem disrespectful to me. you’re not responsible for how they feel and your not obligated to explain meds or your health. yes, mental illness unchecked can inadvertently hurt others, but you’re taking meds which means you’re trying to manage it and all you can do is your best. if i was in your shoes, i would’ve stood up for myself and told them that ‘i am not responsible for their feelings and actions and if they are going to be immature and blame you, they can have their mom find them another place’; you can say that in a more ‘articulate’ way if you want though.

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