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Message gone

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Can someone message you in hear then delete it?it says I have a new message off someone on hear but when I click on there's no message there

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Yes they can. The reason why a post or reponse won't come up is because either the poster has deleted it or the admin. Click on the 'More' button below with the little arrow on your post and it will show you the options. x

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Angel533 in reply to hypercat54

It wasn't a post it was a private message but when I click on messages it's not there x

Angel yes

If you know who the message was from you can ask, although sometimes people may pull back and remove their script


It came up in my notifications who the message was from,I don't know the person and guess they removed the message 😊

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hypercat54 in reply to Angel533

Once you send a message to someone in pm you have no control over it and can't delete it from their message box, only yours. You can delete anything you want in your own pm box. The only people who can delete it are Health Unlocked if the recipient asked them to for some reason. x

Hello Angel

Sad to say when it is gone, that is it.

It could have been taken down by the Moderator. I know personally I have not been contacting anyone Sorry.

However it may reappear after someone has read these blogs


Bob neither moderators or admins have any access to pm's. It is only ever Health Unlocked who do and can read and delete if they wish too. In practise I have never known them to read any but they can delete if notified. x

Hello how is life B

Yes I knew that, I followed your lead although I thought HU may have something to do with PM removal, it has been a long time since been asked about that. It would seem in the case mentioned the Writer may have taken it down on there own accord.

I was waiting to see if you would reply on this one Lol


Oh life is trundelling along as usual thank you Bob. x

I received a private message that was an advertising link...which was breaking the terms and conditions of HU ,It disappeared. I suspect there has been a few of the same and admin have deleted....

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Angel533 in reply to

It must if been as it was off someone ive never spoke to or followed on here now I can stop wondering what it was 😊

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Yes they were new on here and had no,posts or replies...

More than likely came in to forward the link to as many as poss to wasn’t important ....someone touting for business...a therapy thing...

It’s happened to me before...


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Thankyou for letting me know 😊

in reply to Angel533

No probs...better than wondering and thinking.i know sometimes it can make us overthink...

It’s all good 🌹🌹

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hypercat54 in reply to

Ah this makes sense. HU have anti-spamming in place and if they identify a spammer they will delete all posts and pm's. x

Thanks for your help all of you 😊

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