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Slipped disc since june 2015 now with severe depressiion. Can anybody help please. 😢


Hi my name is Sugar02 i was diagnosed in sept 2015 wih a slippesd dic L4/5 this has now led to depression. Can anyhelp with any of their advice if anyone has any. I would really appreciated. Getting to the end of my rope. Hear i feel like a hamster stuck on the never changing Hamster wheel. Going No where fast. Can anyone help. Thank you.

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Hi Sugar02 and so sorry to hear of your pain which has led to this depression. I believe it is pretty common to get depressed when in pain ( who wouldn't?); but I guess it's how to deal with it is the problem. Did you attend any pain management or anything like that as that can help.

Also to let you know there is another site on healthunlocked called painconcern where you can meet and talk to fellow sufferers.

I had have back pain myself throughout the years and it is tough to deal with. Sending warm wishes, Gemma x

Hello sugar02

Thank you for your message

I am so sorry to hear about your slipped disc and severe depression, you are obviously having a difficult time.

Have you had any medical help with your back?

Have you talked with your doctor about both of these issues?

Our members are very supportive so may have some help and advice for you.

There is a healthunlocked forum called the brain and spine foundation, you may want to have a look.

Mind UK charity at www, helpline 0300 123 3393 May be helpful.

Do get back to us and let us know more about how things are for you.

Best wishes


Discuss your pain with your GP He may suggest some chiropracter

excuse spelling.

Manipulation of the Lumber region of your Spine. you may get assistance from the NHS or private Practice.

How did you cause the problem you have. Sometimes relearning posture can help especially if you have been lifting or not sitting in a bad way. The use of a TENS machine may help relieve any pain you may have. Discuss their use with your GP or Physio.

I get my machines from BODYCLOCK on the internet, if your condition is chronic you will be able to get the VAT back. Also a warm flannel or towel placed over the area of pain may also help. I have also noticed heat pads similar to elastepasts can be now purchased at the chemist.


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