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After what’s been going with my wife with her bipolar and her hitting out I’ve been trying to get her help the mental health wasn’t listening to me keep saying its behaviour problem where went for me and my mum arrested twice cause of it now on remand had phone call from the c p s I said I don’t want her to go to prison but hospital instead but now she got to appear again in court by video link this week and I’m ending having a break down cause of it just hope to god they find the problem and get her better

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Hello snicolle54

Thank you for your message. I am so sorry that you are in such a difficult situation for both you and your Mum.

Have you talked with your doctor about this situation and do you have a support worker?

The court system should be able to offer a support worker to talk to both you and your Mum. You may want to contact them before the hearing to get more help, although I realise you may already have been in touch with them.

Do you have another family member or friend that can be with you that you can talk with?

I hope things improve for you both soon. Do let us know how things are for you.

Best wishes

snicolle54 in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thank you C P S phoned and said my wife should not come home but I will have to look into this to see what can and can not be done cause I said she should be in hospital not in a prison but the justice system don’t listen

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