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Disconnected with my amazing husband


So Our entire relationship has been based on socialism. Parties every weekend. I felt it triggerd my depression too much. For the first time in 6 years I’ve made the decision to not drink. Only 2 weeks now. But as im writing this we are sitting in silence. He is on his phone. Watching videos. We are losing each other because of my effort to regain self control. I love him so much. But what do you do if ur relationship was only based on having fun and drinking. And im in a place now that I don’t want to leave my house. He is active and wants to do hikes and activities. But i have no motivation to even try.

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Maybe it's time for a heart to heart conversation, tell him how you feel and see how he replies.

ryna in reply to Hidden

We try our best to talk. He just doesn’t understand the disease... he is an extrovert and very positive petson. But we are taking it day by day😊

I'm wondering if this a reflection of the way you are feeling just now, rather than the state of your marriage? You want a life that doesn't involve parties and drinking - he wants to be active. Surely there's a middle ground somewhere? Depression is a cruel and selfish illness that leaves people with no energy and motivation - things that you're thinking you need to make your husband happy. I'm sure he would want you to talk to him about how you're feeling x

Talk !!

Consider new activities you can both take an interest in.

We are just sitting watching the TV, we cannot have things happening 24/7.

If you can have an interest or diversion you are both interested in, that can make a relationship because generally that is how we get to know suitable people with the same interests as each other


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