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Waiting is awful


I’ve just had my 3mth follow up scan for a nodule in my lung. Suddenly it’s hit me that I may actually have cancer. It’s knowing that some people know the answer and I don’t. I’ve finally fought to get over severe depression and suicide attempts to possibly be told in a couple of weeks I don’t stand much chance at life anyway. Feelings are all mixed up at the moment.

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Sorry to hear you are going through this. You have worked hard with your depression and you have to keep using the skills you've learnt. You know that wee negative voice is just looking for a way back in. Don't let it. If you can do things that you enjoy to help the time pass quicker.

Sending you positive thoughts.

Take care xx


I know how you feel, I just finished and waited six weeks for some results. Like you there was a real risk that I had a Cancer and it was quite frightening when I had one test than had to await another three weeks later. I was on holiday and had to wait before my results came through. It did in many ways not help my enjoyment of being away.

In my case I have been ill for over thirty years and I have always thought when I would get something terminal because of my immune system and medications I have to stuff down my Throat. This time I dodged the bullet and breathed a sigh of relief.

Now we have arranged a further holiday to get over the first.

I do not know your age or if you have a diagnosis and awaiting a further confirmation, all I can say is at this time you cannot do anything until your results are released. Worrying will just make you worse and your moods will just be amplified once more, this will be counterproductive

Consider this you have been through a challenging time with your Mental Illness, you have tried to take yourself over and you failed. You now will feel more at peace with the past and are looking forward to the future where you wish to live, keep those positive thoughts and only concern yourself if the tests show a negative prognosis. Whatever happens you will need to have a positive attitude to life and its challenges. Hopefully if they can treat you may be able to move on to a more positive time. However if things go wrong consider how you will need to address this problem you have. Positive thoughts and attitude will give your strength a boost and help you move on to whatever the future brings

Good Luck, Keep a Hold


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