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Over the past few months my mental health has taken a turn for the worst, to describe how I feel is the problem I feel nothing but “blah”. I can’t complain about what I have I try to be grateful for having a job and roof over my head and a girlfriend who is supportive. But I still feel so sad and lost all the time. I feel like I am watching my life go by and everyone around me is just background noise. If i do feel Emotion it is always very intense and sudden. I know I need help I just want to get better but I feel like I’m so trapped in my mind I’m not sure if I can get out

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Hello morant2

Thank you for your message. You must be feeling as though you are in a difficult place at the moment. Be assured you have made a positive move to share this with us.

Our members are very supportive and have a wealth of experience that they can offer you.

PLease do consider going to your doctor and talking about how you are feeling.

MIND at mind.org might be helpful.

The topics and pinned posts may have more information.

Do get back to us and let us know how you are getting on.

it does sound like depression...and because it's chemical...it's not our fault or necessarily anything that has gone wrong in our lives, although past abuse, trauma, and neglect can add to our existing depression....it is not always the reason why we feel 'blah'. or sad, or apathetic...it's the disease. I went to therapy to work through issues, and to learn to understand my depression and how to recognize when I was on the down side of this emotional roller coaster, and to realize it will pass. I also choose to take SSRI's to help with the lows....but many choose to be medication free.

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