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unable to talk to the doctor. cant even look at them


hi, so sorry I'm about to you know go on a little talk about myself and all but I seriously dont know what to do and its eating me up.

so ive struggled with my life for a long time the last two years have been really hard on me, I have attempted suicide three times in the last 8 months obviously failing, I was stopped each time by my parents, it never got to a point where I needed hospitalisation.

at this point in time I cant sleep I cant eat and if I leave my room an argument starts, this morning I went to the doctors to finally get something done about my depression and anxiety with a friend who insisted I go.

anyway, I went to the doctors had a real nice doctor too but my anxiety level was so high I couldn't answer his questions couldn't even look at my doctor, my friend had to explain the situation to him and I honestly nearly had a panic attack. I dont know why but it absolutely terrified me.

how am I supposed to get the help I need and explain to him what he needs to know if the very idea of being in the same room with a stranger terrifies me that much? what do I do?

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You could explain your problem in writing and take a copy to your GP. This will help you explain your problem in surgery.

Your GP is in partnership with you as far as your health concerns are concerned. They do have your interests at heart and over time they will help you understand your concerns, You will move on, also trust your GP

Do you have any problems that make you the way you are ?


I dont know I'm a very stubborn person and my family dont believe there is such thing as mental health issues it took me a long time to be able to go to the doctors with a friend who had to convince me over weeks. I havent had the best track record with parents my mums side of the family physically abusive my dads side more verbal, ive been in a rough situation of a "relationship I didn't want with a guy who sexually assaulted me with his friend over the course of 5 days?" I dunno things are tough... I hope the doctor will be able to help things... but I cant even look at him


When it comes to family and the relationships are questionable. Sometimes we need to cut and run. In the past I eventually did that and sad to say now as a Pensioner I wished I had broken away sooner. My life is more free and I now have come to terms with my past life problems.

Live for the day and the future will look after itself.

If you need closure on the assault, there are ways of coming to terms with the past.

Would it be possible to get these two arrested ?

When it comes to a GP appointment, make a double appointment. Then write a list of what has happened in your life. Explain first on your list how you feel regards Health Professionals, then continue on explaining your needs. When you walk into the Surgery, give the list. Then still try and explain your needs verbally

Let us know how you get on


Hi namaste18888 and welcome to this caring forum. I am sorry things are so difficult for you. BOB has posted a really good suggestion of explaining your problem in writing, and also take a friend with you to your appointment so that he/she can assist you in explaining the situation if this is necessary. Well done for attending the appointment as this must have been a big step. The doctor does have your best interests at heart and I am sure the next appointment will be easier for you.

The following website has information on how to manage anxiety and panic attacks, which may be of help to you---

MIND, the Mental Health Charity


Please stay on the forum where you will receive help and support from other members. Are any members able to help nanaste1888, please? Thank you and best wishes.

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