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Hi I’m Lauren and I give up, I am currently stuck in hospital for past 3 weeks I have nowhere to go, my family hate me and I have nowhere to live, social services are useless as per and are doing nothing, I have a 1 to 1 carer and they drive me insane they follow me around, they used to have to watch me shower and it’s horrible I’m not aloud to be left by myself, I’m getting fed up the nurses have roook everything away from me I have no privacy and I am done

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How can we help you.

You seem to be in a hard place with your Mental Health, all I can suggest is you talk to those who are responsible for your care and see if you can move on into a more trustful relationship with them.

Why are they following this pathway with you ?


Hi Lauren_rud and welcome to this caring forum. You do seem to be in a very difficult place. As BOB has suggested, would you be able to talk to those responsible for your care? This may help you to move to an easier and more trustful relationship with them. Also, do you have any friends who could help you? You may like to have a look at MIND Charity website for some more support--

Please do not give up. Things will improve in time. Do stay on the forum where you will receive support from other members. Are any members able to help Lauren_rud, please? Thank you and best wishes.

lauren , i am so sorry to hear of this .. why would your family hate you , hate is a strong word, you are clearly not feeling very well at all your family needs to be there for you to support you , can you try contacting your family

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