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Hi hope everyone is enjoying the weather while it lasts.need some advice please.i am cutrantlly on mitazapine .i used to be on 45mg .now down to 30mg. Going through pre menapousuale.latley my anxiety has been up and down.ie boughts of crying feeling nervouse.i am managing to do cbt.i want to stop smoking i beat myself up that im not stopping .any advice please would be most greatfull .


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Smokers generally feel there is no good time to stop working.

I stopped smoking in 1976, I was twenty six and I would smoke sixty cigarettes a day.

i had a car accident and was off work for six months. I used my time to stop and used the money saved to go on holiday in the then Soviet Union. I met my Wife a month before going and I never looked back.

It can be hard, you will suffer many problems, however it is well worth it. Use the money you save to do something you enjoy, that will help you concentrate your mind. Your GP can advise on various aids to help you.

When at the GP, He can also help you with the change at the same time. Your CBT will also help you with coping techniques. You will be like a new Woman


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Thank you

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