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I do bad things just to feel alive.

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Often I will break the law just to feel alive. I have depression and I work a white collar job, but I love to do criminal jobs, I have made good money breaking the law. I know it’s wrong and i could lose my good job And middle class life. I need to stop please help me.

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Seriously ? If you do the crime be ready to do the time. You can spend your days dreaming your a big star playing the role of a life time. Pam

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Admitting it on here is a good start. Think of the consequences and those that would get hurt if you carry on. Write a list of all the reasons to stay away from it and put it somewhere you can see it. Delete any phone numbers that aren’t helpful and refuse to answer their calls, messages. Money isn’t everything and if you wan5 to feel alive there are alternatives, find a hobby, maybe something involving risk? Just know that you are stronger than your depression and do not have to give In to it. Are you treating the depression and underlying cause?

Hello Skyrim, you are in a pickle, firstly you do need to see your GP urgently and tell them all about what you do as you urgently need a professional who will help you with why you are doing such things. If you are heavily involved with the criminal fraternity also do as Sarah 111111 suggests. You know you could lose everything and you would deeply regret it if the worst happened. Please seek help today and let us all know how you get on Helen xxx

Well if you love to do criminal acts you will have to learn to love doing prison as you will get caught some day. You will lose everything but then again maybe you love the gamble. I have been the victim of crime like most of us and hope you get caught and properly punished. I can't say what I really think about you as I would be banned here.

It's really difficult to know what to say to you as being honest you don't come across as a very nice person. You sound immature and I know you are depressed but daydreaming over celebrities, drinking and breaking the law are not the way to go. You need to get yourself some serious help and to start taking more responsibility in your life. I like most people but I don't like lawbreakers or anyone who hurts others and you sound like you could be capable of doing that. Get yourself professional help and fast. Gemma

I did bad things, but only to myself.

My thoughts on your post was to wonder if you actually have an issue or are just on here because you are board and want to mess with other people who are actively seeking help.

However, I will say that if you are serious then please seek help.

Also with you being board, drink and breaking the law, I would say you need to find a hobby, sport or volunteering commitment to expend your energies into something more productive.

Take care.

hi I just read another post of yours.first of all the jealousy you have for celebrities they to have bouts of depression due to lack of opportunities in later life and often fall on hard times don't be fooled by what you read and see.secondly the criminal aspect is totally wrong and one day you could cause innocent people to suffer at your hands that is very much wrong.showing pictures of kids with guns is disgusting and I fail to see the funny aspect of it or any humour.im in a dead end job and struggling to make ends meet but I would never resort to crime.if you feel you need help then that's great but you have to share this information to someone who can help you before it gets really dangerous to you and others.

I find it hard to take your Post seriously If it’s true ; that’s nothing to be proud of: Your photo you posted toting a gun is very inappropriate:

I totally agree with Hypercat and I hope you end up behind bars: Also you risk getting killed yourself if you are involved with criminals:


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