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Lack of Confidence- I don't know what to do


I'm an incredibly shy person due to lack of confidence and its seriously taking a toll on my life rn, I literally cry every night. I just don't know how to get this confidence or ability to talk to people without feeling insanely embarrassed by myself. I don't know how to make friends here, its summer so it seems impossible but I'm struggling and am in pain. I've talked to my parents but they just say the same thing and brush it off..? I seriously don't know what to do

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Hello my shy friend, I used to be shy. For all of my childhood and until my thirties I didn't have a thing to say for myself except around family and a few friends.. Now I have to say I really talk to much . I speak to total strangers in stores, out and about I always share my opinion. Really I've created a monster I think. Working in public places and running across stupid people helped me. I could only take so much and then I would have to say something. In a nice way because I wanted to keep my job. The more you are around people in a situation where you have to join in the sooner you get past the shyness. You might try a book club , volunteering in a shop or hospital, take a class. Remember other people aren't as focused on you as you are , they are focused on themselves. Also shy people are nice to be around so you have that going for you. Shyness is a painful and isolating condition so I hope you have some success. It takes time and effort. Pam


I gather you have just moved home, could that be causing problems in making new friends


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