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Hi I'm new here so be gentle, I've had severe depression for many years now,, on various tablets etc, and just recently I was diagnosed with high anxiety as well as high blood pressure.

My relationship of 21 years recently broke up this year, me and the kids mom have got on really well, had a holiday away, but the last few days somthing has happened and completely knocked me down and I've now idea how to cope anymore, I spent 7 hrs in a&e a couple of nights back which was the start, I just really don't think I can cope anymore.

If somebody can inbox me I can go into more detail.

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Sure thing Tom. Nice to meet you🤗 I'm Shadow and here to listen if u need to off-load . You have made the 1st step already !!! 🖤


Sorry - Tech its nice to meet you !! Damn predictive text #*@!!


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