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Locked myself in my room all week. Barely eaten or slept. Not spoken to anyone about it because nothing has happened. Been self harming a lot more than I do normally.

I can’t go to my doctor because he’s no good, doesn’t understand mental health at all. I’m moving house in the next month or so, I will change doctors then. If I make it that long.

Hate this. Nothing will ever get better

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You are not alone. I have been in the pit for 13 days. It's been hard leaving the bedroom. My Doctor doesn't understand either. Last time I tried and failed, he came to see me in the ER with the look of pity in his eyes. That's the worst, the look of pity or the eyeroll of, here we go again! I hate it too, being like this, feeling this way. I keep losing jobs because of this malfunction. But please know, you are not alone. I'm with you. This all sucks, but it is a relief to be able to talk to someone who can relate and won't judge. Hugs and more hugs.

Thank you, hugs to you too xx

Hi AnxiousHeart14, I am so sorry to hear things are still so difficult for you. Please do try and eat and drink something. This will make you feel a bit better. Can I ask what support you are receiving at the moment? Do you have a Mental Health Crisis Team you can contact when you become distressed? Please do not give up hope. Is there anyone you can talk to now about how you are feeling [someone at home, or perhaps a trusted family member or friend?]. Also, your college may have a counselling service for students. Please remember that you are not alone. Members of the forum will try to support you as much as they can. In the meantime, if you in the UK and are feeling distressed, please call---

The Samaritans

Freephone 116 123 [24 hour helpline] 7 days a week.

They provide a listening ear.

If you live in the UK and you need a Crisis Team, please call NHS Information Line on 111 and staff will assist in calling the Crisis Team or arranging other services.

If you live outside of the UK and are distressed, please have a look at the Crisis Support Helplines on the Pinned Posts section of the screen.

Please stay in touch on the forum to receive help and support from other members Please remember that you are not alone.

Take care and best wishes.

I do counselling at college and taking Sertraline. Counselling helps, antidepressants don’t (in my experience). I have one good friend that I hold on to and trust. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she left me soon too because I just cut myself off so avoid hurting other people.

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