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Feeling very low after a mixed week


Feeling very ....today, so last weekend I had a horrible weekend as I was approaching moving house for the umpteenth time, but after getting moved I felt a bit better and had a good talk with my brother regarding my state of mind and felt better for it.

Two days later I find out my ex has moved on and gotten into a new relationship after being apart for 3 months and it floored me, even though I knew it would happen eventually I wasn't prepared for it.

I guess because I haven't moved on it hurt that she would move on so quick. I've now started questioning how long she actually wanted to end things with me before she did... And the fact she said one of the reasons for us splitting was that she had to be on her own to sort herself out... It's all really ..... with my head.

I've spent the rest of the week feeling like ..... and shutting myself away, and I know I'm going to end up going out tonight and getting drunk but I'll end up feeling ten times worse tomorrow with the added hangover. Why does everything need to suck? Why can't I just get over stuff and not care?

Sorry for the negative post

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I'm sorry, it does feel like a betrayal.....but like you said...they wanted out....and once it's over many people do; 'the rebound relationship', because they really don't feel they can be on their own afterall. That may be all this is, and rebound relationships usually don't last. Either way, don't punish yourself and second guess yourself by getting drunk...and your right...the hang over sucks worse cause you wake up right where you left off...still PO'd about the ex- and sick and usually your wallets a bit lighter as well.....your better off getting yourself to a game, or going somewhere you have always wanted to go...just get out of your head space doing something positive...not easy to do when your PO'd....but better than the alternative....did it for years....never worked out for me.....I hate throwing up.

Hi Voice_for_Voiceless, it is always very difficult when a relationship ends and we really need to give ourselves time to readjust. We all move forwards when the time is right for us as individuals. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to adapt to your situation. It sounds as though your brother is supportive, which is great. Fauxartist has suggested doing something positive, like visiting somewhere new, even if you are only out of the house for a short while. Please stay on this caring forum to receive support from other members. Thank you and best wishes.

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