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19 M feeling worthless with cerebral palsy


Hi im Luke im 19 im gonna start with short something short basically i feel like burden to my parents i have cerebral palsy and was bullied at beaten for it in school albeit its mild compared to what it can be but it still causes be so much pain that im unable work or hardly shower by myself i use a shower chair and parents keep a listen out if i fall they are getting older now and wont be able to help me much longer i feel so worthless i had so many dreams about 5 years ago i thought i was on track but then all because i was bad at math and unable to complete the work for the math classes i had i was removed from my school supposedly because i chose not to do my ok but that was the start of my depression also its all added on each there is more to it all but the post would be far to long thank you all.

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Hi, what I pick up from your post is you were aiming for somthing and didn’t reach that goal. I can say from experience I didn’t do well at Maths and English and this held me back for a bit but it didn’t stop me. Try another path in life, look at other options. I wish i had done an apprenticeship as I feel that would have helped me but that was me. You may feel your road in life might be have to be a little harder but it will be worth the effort. As for being a burden on your parents I’m sure they don’t mind and try not to concern yourself. Maybe this is a time to gain more independents. If you had your own place what kind of things would you need in place to be able to do that? Forward planning is always good, I dont want to sound horrible but it is a fact that parents are not going to be there forever. Thinking about what you can do, what you need to and what help and advice you need should be the best thing you can be doing. Take care, let me know how things go. I’m here to chat.

Hi nice to meet you. I don't have your condition but I too was hopeless at maths and I remember at the age of 13 my teacher saying ungraded again and laughing. He obviously thought it was hilarious. This has knocked my confidence ever since but I have had good jobs without the need to be good at maths and so will you. x

Hi Luke, My name is Dan,

I have read what you wrote and can assure you that your not a burden to anyone. I have quite bad depression and often feel the same. I'm a parent myself so I know that no matter what your going through your parents would rather have you than not. I also know that sometimes people saying things like "think of your family" and "It's not worth it" isn't enough, but talking to people going through or have been through the same thing might just be. Like myself you are young (I'm 26) and have a long time to develop your own way of doing things, talking to people or even expressing yourself. I used to be a carer for someone with cerebral palsy and he ended up getting so independent that he didn't need me so chin up. Please feel free to message me anytime, if you want a chat and or are feeling low.

Hi Lukeasdf and welcome to this caring community. I am sorry to hear things are so difficult for you. Did you receive any help and support to deal with the bullying you experienced? Your GP may be able to refer you for some counselling to help you deal with this. You have received some helpful replies. Please believe that you are not a burden to anyone. I too had some difficulties with maths and passed Level 2 a few years ago [I started with Level one] at a college of Further Education. Courses are accessible online and are at a level to suit you. You do not say which country you are from, but if you are living in the UK you may like to have a look at --


When I did the course, it was aimed at maths we use on a daily basis, such as weights and measures, fractions, decimals etc. Perhaps this would suit you better? We all find some things difficult, but you will get there. You will achieve your dreams, just start with small steps and also do things you enjoy and give you confidence. Another useful website address is ----


Please stay on this caring forum for advice and support. It is great you have reached out for this. You are not alone. Thank you and best wishes.

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