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So many changes

~ having baby in exactly 4 weeks (well due date is);

~other half in America and nervous I will go in labour early and he misses it

~ decided to have our wedding in September

~May move to America for few months with other half while we decide where we want to reside

~ so used to having support and network in UK that I’m getting overwhelmed about so many changes.

* on the plus, support I have now is helpful so I guess living in the moment is the best way right now :-/

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Sounds like some new beginnings for you 😊 exciting times.

Not long now for your baby 😊 hopefully your partner will be well back before the birth, I’m sure

All good wishes to you 🌺🌼🌺🌼

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Thanks so much and I love that way of thinking about it “new beginnings”

Worried about leaving my niece, 4, as we have a lovely relationship but hopefully she will be ok 😀😍

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Yes I love the idea of ‘new beginnings’ too 😊 your niece will be fine, I have very close relatives overseas..these days with technology how it is I can speak with them most days , see photos all the time, it’s fab!

Relax and enjoy the ride 😊🌺



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