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How do you let the past go?

I am really tired of feeling angry and hatred of what other people did to me in the past. Sometimes it still happened in the present day. I know I cannot change them...but I feel like I'd get triggered or reminded like this happen again....I try to stay busy sometimes but when I relax I'd think about it again feels like a never ending cycle.......I used to get bullied from my classmates I never fit in anywhere I hope I am not weird....I've been antisocial for a while...I think being alone is the best thing right now...but once I get a job I need to face people again. And I need to pretend to be happy all the time...

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Hello, So many of us have this problem of letting the past go. Whenever you start to ruminate on it change your thoughts to something good in the present or that you would like to do in the future. You will never move forward if you are always looking back. It takes practice. No one is happy all of the time, but if you keep a good attitude you will have more periods of happiness. I find keeping a journal helps me get the negative feelings out and then I can let them go. If you are still going through this in present time you might want to protect yourself until you're feeling stronger. I mean by staying away from who ever is causing you distress. Pam


thank you so much :) 


I don't think you are weird..and your classmates dont fit in with you!..being alone is the best..time to yourself..nothing wrong with dont have to pretend to be happy..why?..Just be your true colors..I'm sure there beautiful like a rainbow..

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Thanks for the encouragement:)


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